Quince with walnuts and lemons

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On the website there is no single recipe for quince jam. And in ancient times on the shores of the Mediterranean quince was revered as a symbol of love and fertility and was dedicated to the goddess of love, Venus. And jam is very tasty, really delicious. The recipe my friend Marina. For which she thanks a lot! If you have the opportunity to buy a quince, now is the time to season it, be sure to cook, the taste is sweet with a slight acidity and unusually beautiful color.

Ingredients for Quince with walnuts and lemons

Step by step instruction of cooking Quince with walnuts and lemons

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Lemon cut into half slices and add to the jam for 3-5 minutes before end of cooking. Put into jars and close.
I take instead of water remaining from blanching the decoction of quince – just 2 cups.
It turns out three bottles of 0.5 liters.