Cheese paste for sandwiches

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I want something, I don't know why... I think, a feeling familiar to all. So I caught it today! Received as always: listed in mind products available and, intuitively, began to select and connect. It turned out spicy and to me, delicious.

Ingredients for Cheese paste for sandwiches

Step by step instruction of cooking Cheese paste for sandwiches

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Rubs or cheese triturated through a sieve. Cheese grate on a fine grater. Cut peppers as small as possible.

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To combine cottage cheese and yogurt and beat with a mixer until smooth. Add salt, pepper (black and red), paprika, caraway seeds and beat again.

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Add slices of pepper, squeeze the garlic and mix well.

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You can add herbs and leave in the fridge for a while. Delicious black and white bread.