Vitello tonnato

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Vitello tonnato - cold veal appetizer. A traditional dish of Piedmont.

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Ingredients for Vitello tonnato

Step by step instruction of cooking Vitello tonnato

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The recipe is quite simple.
To boil veal. It must be done in advance, so that it had time to cool completely. And even better - to put before slicing for an hour or two in the freezer, so it was easier to cut thinly. A piece of veal (fillet) you need to cook it whole without cutting. The size of the piece of meat depends on the proportions of the ingredients. Otvarivaya meat you can add spices to taste, onions, carrots, etc.

Need tuna in oil and mayonnaise. You can buy a ready-made sauce - mayonnaise with tuna (salsa tonnata), but canned tuna is still needed to add.

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Open tuna and drain oil (it is not necessary). Add mayonnaise and mix until homogenous, manually or with a mixer.

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Boiled veal should be cut into very thin - the thinner the better. Cut it across the grain so the meat need to choose a that did not dissolve - a solid piece.
On dish spread a thin layer of sauce. Spread thin slices of meat. Then again, the sauce - and so layers, finishing top with the sauce.

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When cutting inevitably remain meat chips that can be used to sprinkle on top of finished dish. After that you need to leave for a while so a bit soaked.
Bon appetit!