Peppers with tuna, anchovies and capers

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Spicy snack. It is possible to preserve.

Ingredients for Peppers with tuna, anchovies and capers

Step by step instruction of cooking Peppers with tuna, anchovies and capers

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Peppers need such as the picture - small and round. He is very sharp and quite sweet.

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The peppers should neatly clean - cut off the top and remove credence seeds with a teaspoon.

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Prepare the filling:
Drain the oil from the tuna and anchovies, and vinegar with capers. You need to grind it all into a homogeneous mass. The proportions of ingredients are approximate - if you like salty add more anchovies, etc. But keep in mind that then the pepper will involve a bit of salt, so the filling needs to be savoury.

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Stuff the peppers, garnish each pepper with capers.

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Can be folded into a jar and pour oil. I use vegetable instead of olive.

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N. B. I do not know how this variety of pepper available outside of Italy, but I think that the stuffing can be applied to other dishes.
Bon appetit!