Pickled eggplant

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A great spicy snack. In season, eggplant is very relevant. The recipe Ira (биа46 ), but he had no photos and different from mine. Please... Fans of eggplant.

Ingredients for Pickled eggplant

Step by step instruction of cooking Pickled eggplant

Шаг 1

Eggplant peel from the stems and boil in salted water. Put under the yoke. (I take a dish, spread a little blue, covered with a Board and set as the oppression of a pot of water). As such, the eggplant "rest" we have 2-3 hours.

Шаг 2

Already argnetina eggplant

Шаг 3

Carrots three on a grater, fry in butter. Let cool, add the squeezed garlic, potseluem

Шаг 4

In our balaganchika make the side pocket

Шаг 5

Stuff him with carrots

Шаг 6

Put stuff in a blue pot (in my case a bowl)

Шаг 7

Cover with a plate and put the cargo 3-liter bottle with water.

Шаг 8

After 3 days our spicy eggplants ready. Chop them and pour the fragrant oil... but with potatoes, but vodka... Yum!
Bon appetit.
(3 days stored in the fridge)