Lunch in aerogrill

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This is not a recipe. This is one way of cooking food in the convection oven (when all the sisters on earrings - or to everyone's taste!). Thus it is possible to prepare several kinds of soup, a couple of the second, porridge, all at once, at once.

Ingredients for Lunch in aerogrill

Step by step instruction of cooking Lunch in aerogrill

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All the vegetables wash, peel, cut randomly and placed in jars, add the spices at the bottom of each jar is pre-spread the chicken pieces (meat, meatballs, fish).

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When cooking cereals it is necessary to observe the following proportions: cereals shall be filled only up to half of the banks. If you are preparing milk porridge, do not worry, the milk will not run away!
If you make the braised cabbage, its pre-grind hands (a bit of salt and sugar add) when she othusitse - decrease in volume, so mash and place in a jar tightly.
Now about salt: as original enough salt (not to oversalt!) you will be difficult to do by eye (how much salt would be put in this amount of food, so many put it), and cooked a couple of times - you will already know.

Vegetables laid out. Fill them with hot water, cover with foil (make the foil a couple of holes for steam output is required) and put in aerogrill. Depending on the number of jars by 1-2 levels, time 40-50 minutes, speed and temperature are highest.

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20 minutes after turning on aerogrills banks begins "rapid" boiling, as the air compressor in the aquarium! And after all is prepared, let the banks to stand in the convection oven for about 10 minutes (cover the grill lift).

Bon appetit!

PS next to the grill stand is not necessary (I had over 50 minutes to wash the dishes and clean the kitchen floors). Nothing will burn and run away!