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Cookies from "cereal"

Cookies from "cereal"

I have long been bored with the remnants of flakes, are some completely tasteless, and was long an open bag of bread. Decided to put it all together and make cookies. I have to say, it turned out cookies for everybody. Didn't even want to put it first. It melts in your mouth and not crumble, it is necessary to chew. The taste is very reminiscent of the cereal bar Corny, I love him very much, so these cookies were eaten gladly!

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Ingredients for Cookies from "cereal"

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Cookies from "cereal"

Step 1

That much remained of cereals and breads.

Step 2

And quite a bit of oatmeal.

Step 3

Using a blender grind the cereal and bread into crumbs (not flour).

Step 4

To prepare nuts and dried fruit.

Step 5

Mix crumb grain and dried fruits.

Step 6

Honey mixed with melted butter.

Step 7

Beat the egg, add honey and butter.

Step 8

Pour the egg-oil mixture into the mixture of cereal with dried fruit, baking powder and cinnamon and knead.

Step 9

You can put on 30 minutes in the refrigerator. Then blind balls the size of a walnut. It is difficult to sculpt, hands it is better to moisten with water.
Bake to the point where the balls will become dry and Golden.

Step 10

After the first baked portion of realized that it is better to make lepeshechki like oatmeal cookies, then time to bake will leave very little.

Step 11

The finished cookies with melted chocolate.

Bon appetit!