Bread Basel/Bale Pain

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Returning home to the hut of the edges of the distant, rushed I to cook and husband to eat. I said that all was well, besides from the Treasury of the grubs... Well, until that awful (tasteless!) fed, what I speculated on - and how it can be??? So we took a very unlearned person in a chef - so it can't be... the Impression was that he with all my heart hates those for whom cooking and wants lime. Oh well! The good thing about this story is that my husband now eats everything and with pleasure!

Ingredients for Bread Basel/Bale Pain

Step by step instruction of cooking Bread Basel/Bale Pain

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I am back and I here the same thing: put the yeast, but this is the LP, and bread was needed now and immediately. Found the recipe quick and easy bread making. It was a strange recipe - but I took a chance! The bread turned out splendidly:
the crust is thick, crunchy, crispy and very delicious;
the crumb is porous and slightly vlazhnovatoy;
- the taste is suited to any dish;

Well, the bread it tastes!

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Polish cooking:
Mix it all together. Leave to ferment for 3 hours. The dishes cover, temperature below 20°.
By the end of this period of Polish will bubble like lava in a volcano.

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Molded bun - I say this having in mind it is very arbitrary... I put it in the form of brick to be leveled and gave him another 1 hour in a warm place...
The oven warmed up to 220°, pricem water on the walls of the oven and bake the bread until cooked at least 40 minutes, I had longer, I suspect my oven that it volinit: shows more degrees, and fries for less!

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