Grimirovaniya pumpkin "Golden horseshoes"

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Ripe pumpkin - a vegetable picturesque, Sunny, textured, and deliciously fragrant. Can be attributed to the great fans of pumpkin flavor, but prepared this way it likes, even those who prefer a pumpkin only to admire :-) grilled spicy pumpkin, sweet-and-sour sauce. Perfectly combined with meat. For the competition "Bright mood".

Ingredients for Grimirovaniya pumpkin "Golden horseshoes"

Step by step instruction of cooking Grimirovaniya pumpkin "Golden horseshoes"

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Here our products. Pumpkin is so beautiful that I sometimes buy as a decoration in the kitchen :-) But not today! I chose a sweet variety of small size round shape.

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The pumpkin peel and seeds.

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Cut into "horseshoes" with a thickness of 5-10 mm. finely chop the Garlic.

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Cut the pumpkin in sea salt and garlic, add 2 tbsp olive oil.

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Compact post our pumpkin on the grill - this pattern fit the entire pumpkin. Placing the pumpkin in the oven you need to substitute a pan or baking sheet(it will drip juice and oil). Bake it on the grill a few minutes on one side, then gently turn over to the other and for a few minutes (until soft and brown stripes).

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While pumpkin sunning in the oven, prepare the sauce. Wine vinegar (lemon juice) mix with 1 tbsp oil, add sugar and mint (or parsley). Cooked pumpkin, serve on a platter and pour the sauce. You can sprinkle with pumpkin seeds.
It turns out pumpkin with a light hrustenko on the outside, soft on the inside with an indescribable sour-sweet-spicy taste. The aroma while cooking is crazy!
Goes well with meat, especially lamb.

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