Sauce a La mayonnaise "Julia" milk

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Here I decided to make mayonnaise, I looked through all the recipes and stumbled in the Internet on such an unusual recipe! Very it interested me because it has no eggs and is done in a few seconds!!!))) Well, I think, will do, and was afraid to do the usual: there's a thin stream it is necessary to pour the oil and beat for a few minutes, and eggs, raw confused... and then again for 5 seconds it turns like magic!!! I liked it so much!!! Here and decided to show you it's a miracle! And the taste is not greasy, as it might seem at first glance! I am 100 % sure that you will succeed without problems - it's so easy!!!)))

Ingredients for Sauce a La mayonnaise "Julia" milk

Step by step instruction of cooking Sauce a La mayonnaise "Julia" milk

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Pour in a glass of milk vegetable oil...

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... and beat with a blender (not a mixer)...literally within 5-7 seconds you will see how you have a thick emulsion! For me it was a miracle! :-) :-)

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Then add salt, lemon juice and mustard and blend again for 5 seconds! All! Yield half a liter)))

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Taste - you may want to add more mustard, salt,... vinegar or sugar to taste...
The original recipe was generally 1 tsp. salt-3 tablespoon juice (or vinegar) and 1st. spoon of mustard, and when I did the first time - Mayo pereselilsya and pereselilsya! The second time I did everything according to the mind and the result I liked! ;-) And lemon juice I liked more than with vinegar! (the first time I did with Apple cider vinegar)
In General, my dear, I give you a super idea, and you can experiment to your taste by adding different spices, herbs, etc.
Girls and boys good luck in the kitchen! ;-) :-)