"Mushroom basket"

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Oh, the mushrooms! Good! But here in a foreign land at the price bite... porcini mushrooms 100 g buy - Duc from better calf, ruined on the pounds... keep quiet! And there were times that we antimi mushrooms obyednana! Fried, in soup, and salted and pickled - clear eyes have ever seen... Boletus - Duc buckets on the spot take!!! Where was it? - ask.

Ingredients for "Mushroom basket"

Step by step instruction of cooking "Mushroom basket"

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I bought a pound of chanterelles

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and to heighten the flavor of white mushrooms (quite a bit)...

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Their houses are cleaned - take a look, brush all the dirt "swept away", where really quite bad", just cut off the contaminated area. Very large mushrooms, cut coarsely and entirely left... Mushrooms are not mine! You know, for a long time to clean them, but so delicious... and that favor its womb will not do!

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Onion cut into cubes.
Garlic finely chop.

Шаг 5

Heat the fat on a hot griddle put our "basket" Oh, no, not a basket, and mushrooms! Fry until the liquid evaporated...
Add onion and oil (if necessary) - fry everything together until "Golden" onions.

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Pour in the cream and boil until thick.

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Suitable as a main dish or as a side dish to purest well!
Pardon me for such a simple recipe, too, but it was delicious!
PySy. You know, I, to increase (worsen! hee-hee!) the flavor of the dish, add the powder and chopped dry mushrooms! At the beginning of the cooking...

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