Terrine "Golden fleece"

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according to legend, the gold in the Caucasus was produced by immersing the skin of a sheep into the waters of the gold river; the fleece, in which the settled particles of gold had become more valuable... our fleece has a bright Golden color thanks to the pumpkin...after all, it is the child of the sun gives any dish a rich, Sunny hue and spicy...sweet taste, enriching it with many useful substances and letting us in anywhere.. even the most rainy and gloomy autumn day to see on his Desk a real sun... the terrine, having a delicate and unusual taste is well suited for the festive table, and for a quiet family dinner... spicy sweetness of pumpkin...juicy tenderness of Turkey...fried mushrooms...in a cloud of spices and light beer... On the competition "Bright mood"

Ingredients for Terrine "Golden fleece"

Step by step instruction of cooking Terrine "Golden fleece"

Шаг 1

fry mushrooms with onions until Golden brown, add salt and pepper, to taste

Шаг 2

fillet cut into pieces, pumpkin - thin slices (I cut with a knife for cleaning of vegetables)
sprinkle all with salt and pepper

Шаг 3

in a long rectangular loaf pan put the foil, so that there is long hanging down the edge with a good oil
cover the bottom and sides of mold with strips of pumpkin, sprinkle with salt and pepper
spread on the bottom layer of mushrooms

Шаг 4

now, layer Turkey, sliced

Шаг 5

a layer of chopped pumpkin (after cutting the pumpkin thin slices are pieces that we use in this layer)

Шаг 6

on top lay the slices of cheese and remaining mushrooms

Шаг 7

layer pork balyk, sliced thinly (but it is possible this layer and not to do)
mix 1 Cup of beer 2 tbsp tomato paste and dry spices (oregano, Basil) and pour this mixture into a form
pour in the beer to form was all filled with fluid

Шаг 8

wrap the top tightly presses the foil and sent in a preheated 200C oven for an hour
then turn off the oven , cut the foil and leave the terrine for some time in the oven to brown (cooking time, of course, approximate, because all ovens are different)

Шаг 9

the finished terrine spread on a dish (this must be done carefully, preferably over a sink to pour hot juice left in the form)

Шаг 10

decorate...cut pieces and ...
pleasant to You of appetite and BRIGHT MOOD! :)