Apple rings in pastry

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Spied this recipe in the "Good advice". In my opinion, very simple and tasty dish.

Ingredients for Apple rings in pastry

Step by step instruction of cooking Apple rings in pastry

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Wash the Apple and carefully remove the core. Cut into rings with a width of 1 cm, immediately sprinkle with lemon juice.

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To separate egg yolks from whites and mix them with flour, wine, sugar, vegetable oil and lemon zest.

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Beat the whites and gently mix with the yolk mass.

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oil, for frying heat in a deep frying pan, apples lower into the dough portions, or one onion ring, and fry both sides in oil until Golden brown. To remove excess oil after frying, put rings on baking paper or a paper towel.

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before serving, sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon. Optionally, you can decorate jam, mint leaves and lemon balm