Buns Kalinka

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Such rolls, produce our local bakery and they is like my family. Empirically with small additions were played these rolls. Unfortunately, due to technical problems in the oven, rosy they did not work, as was reflected in the taste. I offer you my fifties recipe. Air buns with cheese.

Ingredients for Buns Kalinka

Step by step instruction of cooking Buns Kalinka

Шаг 1

How did the dough not photographed. The dough do the usual sponge method.
In warm milk dissolve the yeast, a little flour and sugar, waiting to be fit.
At this time, in a saucepan mix the remaining milk, eggs, melted butter added to the mixture approached the dough and flour.
Mix up the dough (not hard) and leave it for a couple of hours to come.

Шаг 2

Making the filling.
Take a packet of dry cream, a package of cheese...

Шаг 3

cut into pieces marshmallows...

Шаг 4

add the egg all together and mix well.

Шаг 5

The dough came, we roll it out in a layer on the table...

Шаг 6


Шаг 7

cut into slices, grease with egg and bake until ready.

Шаг 8

Here they are out!

Шаг 9

But such a breakdown.
Delicate pastry with a milky flavor and slightly wet the middle with cottage cheese-vanilla flavor, and pieces of roasted marshmallow!