My dimlama chicken

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Very tasty and flavorful dish, all cooked with spices and eaten in a jiffy!

Ingredients for My dimlama chicken

Step by step instruction of cooking My dimlama chicken

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In a cold cauldron to pour olive oil and put the drumstick. Add salt and season with spices for chicken.

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Onions to chop half rings, put on top of the drumstick, season with cumin.

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Third layer - carrot wheel. Slightly season with Vegeta.

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On the carrots chopped turnips. It is very fragrant, and not only because of the spices, but it tastes rich.

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Next, a layer of sweet red peppers and potatoes.

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Winter cabbage varieties are very hard. Therefore it must be finely chopped, sprinkle with Vegeta and mash with hands. Let it rest awhile.

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Tomatoes cut into rings, greens grind. Laid our juicy cabbage, tomato rings on top and sprinkle with herbs. Again, a little sprinkle with Vegeta and pour a glass of water.
Close the lid and put our filled katancik on fire. From the moment of boiling stew on low heat for exactly 1 hour. Do not interfere with a slotted spoon just to forget for an hour.
After 20 minutes you will feel the irresistible aroma coming from the kitchen. When the time end of cooking, turn off the heat and let stand to this exquisite dish.

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Here she is, beautiful diploma!

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Well, now the long-awaited moment! Remove the lid from the cauldron. Instead, put the dish upside down and gently, in one motion, turn over the cauldron, tightly holding hands dish.
Our yummy ready to eat. It remains only to decorate with a sprig of greenery.