White marmalade

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Ancient recipe from the series "Monastic cooking." Recipe excerpted from "the Book of recipes of the last nuns from Odivelas". Marmalade this brand is considered a delicacy in the city of Odivelas, Portugal. The secret of cooking white jelly for several centuries was a secret of the nuns of the local convent of the order of Bernardus de Cister (Ordem das Bernardas de Cister), founded in 1295, After the death of the last nuns sisters of Carolina Augusta de Castro and Silva came to light cookbook, which I poschastlivilos to buy. :-)

Ingredients for White marmalade

Step by step instruction of cooking White marmalade

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Wash the quinces, peel removing the core and peel. Cut into quarters and immediately put in cold water. (Dishes for cooking white marmalade take a stainless steel or enameled). It will protect the prepared quince pulp from darkening.
Of water and cook sugar syrup. Syrup boil to the "pearl" of the boiling point of sugar. This is when the surface of the syrup will form persistent bubbles, similar to pearls.
Quince stew under a lid with a small amount of water until tender. Wipe in the mashed potatoes. Combine the resulting puree with sugar syrup, put on the heat until bubbles on the surface. Turn off the fire, allow to cool a little, pour it into shape for drying, cover vasanai paper or parchment.

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Marmalade dried at room temperature for a few weeks until it can be cut with a knife.
The finished marmalade can be stored in boxes interleaved with parchment.

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My favorite variant covers of marmalade, a dessert, with a slice of cheese, in combination with a glass of dry red table wine.
Bon appetit!