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Chocolate Cake

Chocolate Cake

Chocolate cake with meringue

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Step-by-step instruction of cooking Chocolate Cake

Step 1

In meringue uses egg whites (the yolks can be used for scrambled eggs). The dish, which is whipped meringue should be completely dry.
Whites of 5 eggs separated from yolks so that not one drop of yolk did not get to proteins. Protein whisk at top speed of mixer, adding sugar to 1 teaspoon, and trying to dissolve. When the mass while turning the dish does not come out, so she whipped correctly. Vystelim food baking paper and using a piping bag squeeze out the little meringues with a diameter of about 3 cm (use 1/3 of the mass). The rest of the mass is spread in a split mold on the baking paper, spread evenly. The sides of the form to grease with butter, to make it easier to remove the finished meringue.
Put meringue in a cold oven on minimal heat and bake for 9-10 hours in the oven door puts a matchbook so she would not close completely (I usually make the meringue the evening and leave it in the oven all night).

Step 2

Bake the cake:

Whisk 5 eggs with 1 Cup sugar until the mixture will increase in volume, add the baking powder and begin to introduce the flour (1-1. 5 cups) 1-2 tbsp. spoons, stirring at the minimum speed of the mixer and making sure to avoid lumps, then add 6 tea spoons of cocoa powder and also mix with a mixer, the dough should poluchitsya as thick as sour cream, but not too much.
Pour the mass into a prepared form (covered with paper), put in preheated oven and bake at 200g. until tender (about 20-30min), willingness to check, as usual, with a wooden stick. The cake is ready, pull it from the mold, cooled and cut into two Korzh.

Step 3

Take a pot (not enamel), break 2 eggs, add 1 Cup sugar, stir evenly, add 3 tbsp. spoon with a slide flour and retirees with eggs until smooth. Then pour 2 Cup of milk, stir to avoid lumps, and put on medium heat, cook, stirring constantly, until the bubbles on the surface. Remove from the heat and cooled.

Butter cream:
A little more than half a pack of butter, beat with 1/2 can of condensed milk until smooth (not too long), and now gradually add your custard to the cream and beat them together, the cream will be tender and not greasy. In the finished cream, pour a glass of brandy and whisk again.

Step 4

Collect the cake:
one part of the cake spread a portion of cream, 2 spread a layer of meringue, baked in the form (meringue is very fragile, if suddenly broken, not terrible, you can put it pieces).
The second part of the cake smeared with cream inside and put on top of meringue.
The remaining evenly spread on top and sides of cake.
Spread on top in a circle a little meringue.

Cook the glaze:
in a pot pour 1/3 Cup of milk, pour 1st. sugar, 6h. tablespoons cocoa and remaining butter, stir evenly and cook on medium heat, stirring constantly. To check the readiness of the glaze you can spoon. Dip a tablespoon into the frosting and look at the back side, the icing should lie evenly and smoothly. Now remove the glaze from the heat and pour the cake with a spoon, causing fine lines on the meringue and between them on the cake.