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Honey-ginger beverage

Honey-ginger beverage

Autumn and winter time to colds, and we all want sometimes to be charged with something invigorating! A drink of lemon, ginger and honey is very good!

Cooking time 30 minutes Number of servings25

Ingredients for Honey-ginger beverage

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Honey-ginger beverage

Step 1

Peel the ginger root to slice them finely and pass through the juicer. Better alternately with lemons, and they will clog the juicer. Ginger root has a dense structure. If not have a juicer, you can grate on the fine grater and squeeze through cheesecloth.

Step 2

Mix the lemon juice and ginger with liquid honey, mix well, pour into a bottle of dark glass and put in the refrigerator. Honey, if it is thick, melt it in warm water (put jar of honey in the almost hot water).

Step 3

Bon appetit!