Easy with adjika

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Just say - delicious. But it's a meat lovers or the Amateur. Prepared my husband. I looked at the website - there is no General recipe on cooking light. I think someone may need it. And learned - father-in-law, who is a former pilot. Some of the food is unknown. As flew the entire former Soviet Union.

Ingredients for Easy with adjika

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My easy, boil until tender (45-60 min).

Шаг 2

Clean from the film.

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Cut into medium-sized pieces. Remove the tube.

Шаг 4

Put stew in a pan. Add 1 Cup water, lard, Bay leaf, pepper, salt. Stew 20 min.

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Pepper black and red pepper. Add onion, thyme, sour cream. Simmer until tender onions.

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Finally add the sauce and stew for another 5 min! Ready! All a pleasant appetite!
PS They have to be sharp. So how sharp they are truly delicious!
Even the most hard-core opponents of this dish is eating it with great pleasure!