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This is the Carpathian national milk product. First tried this wonderful drink/dish (not sure what species it is correct to attribute, as a real guslyanka on density should be as thick cream, so the spoon stood) in the village in the Hutsul region in Western Ukraine, and, admiring, asked for a starter and wormed cooking secrets from local residents. Try - a very unusual drink.

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Ingredients for Guslyanka

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Guslyanka

Step 1

Fermenting is going in the Bank. So, boil the milk and wait until it cools off to the point where you can keep it finger.

Step 2

The inner walls of the banks were coated sour (very sour) sour cream, pour the milk (do not stir), wrap it up the Bank with a towel, do NOT cover with a LID (you can put the strainer) and put in a warm place (I turn the gas to low and put in two feet from the plate for at least 12 hours ).

Step 3

Next, turn off the gas and let stand at room temperature for another 4 hours.

Step 4

Then we remove our "raw" in the refrigerator, trying not to shake the jar for a day. But better - for two days.

Step 5

Then get ready, thick molokoprodukt.