Eateries rings

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Very interesting recipe squid with onions in batter, try it, it's delicious! The batter - just a song!

Ingredients for Eateries rings

Step by step instruction of cooking Eateries rings

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To prepare the ingredients for the recipe.

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Calamari and onion rings.
To prepare the dough (add flour so that the dough resembled a thick cream, I came out of flour 3 tbsp full)

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Dip squid rings and onion in the batter

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and fry in hot oil (I put it on the bottom of the pan cut a circle of parchment, then the batter will not burn to the pan),
fry in a bit of time (I after 2-3 minutes, a small fork pierce the squid as soon as the plug is free to enter, pull out the dish, is never wrong).

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Dry on a napkin, and then put it all in a bowl.

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There are interesting, catches the bow, the squid. Delicious!
Bon appetit!