Turkish soups "Iskembe" and "Tuzlama"

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Iskembe/Tuzlama. Fans of Turkish soups and Hash dedicated. :) These soups Turks usually eat 4-5 hours in the morning, after a heavy drinking. :) I personally love tuzlama more, but for beginners I would advise, iskembe (the difference in soups only in the size of the scar). Soup always help to sober up anyone :)

Ingredients for Turkish soups "Iskembe" and "Tuzlama"

Step by step instruction of cooking Turkish soups "Iskembe" and "Tuzlama"

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Piece commercials, three pounds again, away from sin, washed in warm water. Tell you a secret - to make it easier to clean the scar and to avoid odour when cooking, put the tripe under running water kolonou for an hour - then the inner skin can be easily removed (internal - this is where there is no papillae, as in the language). Hope not confused))
Put in a pan pour a large number of CMV water and put on to cook in sreniy the fire with the lid closed.
In the photo the scar, as it needs WYPALL clean!

After 2.5 - 3.5 hours (depends, as you like... a little harsh scar, or very soft... I get 2.5 hours) of cooking, take out the tripe and cut it (if iskembe, small strips - if Tusla, the strips of width 1 cm, length 2 cm), and throw back into the pot.