Quick mayonnaise with herbs

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Recipes of mayonnaise on the site a lot, but mine is slightly different in that instead of yolk I put a whole egg, i.e. yolk and protein. Preparing it is fast, it turns fragrant and delicious. The eldest daughter, once more licking the spoon, I ate two slices of bread, smeared with mayonnaise flavored!

Ingredients for Quick mayonnaise with herbs

Step by step instruction of cooking Quick mayonnaise with herbs

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Ingredients are listed per serving. First I made one serving, but realized that it turned out a little - not full glass (there is another daughter "helped"), and has prepared another batch of mayonnaise. So I got a double portion (incomplete 450 g jar).

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In a blender, break the egg, add salt, sugar, mustard, black pepper, ginger, and beat until smooth.

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When making mayonnaise, egg and vegetable oil should be the same temperature. Without turning off the blender (or removing, as blenders can be all different), a thin stream pour the oil, whisk to a smooth emulsion at low speed. When the mixture is homogeneous, pour in the lemon juice and whisk again. Mayonnaise is ready. Now in the mayonnaise, squeeze the garlic (optional), whisk a few seconds to mix. This mayonnaise can be stored in a sealed jar in the refrigerator for 5-7 days.

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Oh, sorry, forgot about the photo, I poured the oil. Here it is, albeit belatedly!