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Don't drink milk I don't drink... but I love ALL of the milk! Everything is already spoiled... like, that is soured and, in some cases, even moldy and even stink... well, it is, of course, about cheese! Try where can I can, all of the milk... happened in Bulgaria to ADAT yoghurt from Buffalo milk - not believe it! Is a spoon... Cheese... so here it is, France, through the garden regularly "swooped down" and stocks are replenished... a Lot of things humanity has learned to make from "spoiled milk" - and so delicious! The one-and-what-e-e-e delicious! And what is most delicious? Three attempts I give to guess...

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Step 1

And this recipe from the Internet won my heart!
"Put the milk in the oven
In a normal pot.
It let proteomics
On a hot ember.
Covered with rosy
Kimchee veil:
Brown, bumpy,
Toasted edge.
Bring cast iron in the cold,
Let the cream will go up.
To rosy, delicate foam
Lies the way will find.
And in the morning will remove with a spoon
Pekoske** kajmak,
It does not lay, Kaduna,
Not a drop of milk.
Put the clotted cream in the cold
And make pancakes.
Not terrible with them hunger,
Pancakes are always delicious.
When the pancakes are roasted,
Cover them with clotted cream
And a little on top
Sprinkle on sugar.
Such a treat
The taste of the Cossacks.
Clotted cream came from ancestors
The Russian dons."

Step 2

The oven warmed up to 180°.
Pour the cream into a small pan, layer no thicker than 1.5 cm, and put in the oven until a beautiful, delicious brown foam! M-m-m...

Step 3

The pan choose a small diameter and coincident with a plate where you will collect foam.
Foam lay on top of each other in a plate.

Step 4

Pour the cream as needed... And during the process no Internet - stick near the stove and watch
So, we continue until all the cream will not turn into foam!

Step 5


Step 6


Step 7


Step 8


Step 9

And now criticize (only sneaker in the monitor do not throw!), teach, teaches...