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"Lady" for advent


Christmas fast is not as strict, and you can pamper yourself rolls that are delicious without meat.

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Step 1

The dough is done according to the recipe Vodolagi first time, because it without eggs, suitable for fasting. https://www.povarenok.ru/recipes/show/20642/ big Thanks to her))))

Step 2

Potatoes cut into cubes, pepper strips, onion rings, cheese to RUB, tomatoes cut into slices, greens finely chop. Add spices, oil.

Step 3

Roll out a circle, brush with melted butter, ketchup, spread the filling, roll roll.

Step 4

Sheet pan grease with vegetable oil, put the loaf, cook for a few minutes. If the dough does not stick to hands, so "Lady" is ready. Serve with sauces to taste.