Figure in Arabic with the liver

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I wanted to make Khan using. But... due to change of circumstances, spontaneously, turned out a new dish. A great combination of liver with rice and chicken with vegetables. For magazine contest "the Culinary workshop"".

Ingredients for Figure in Arabic with the liver

Step by step instruction of cooking Figure in Arabic with the liver

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So, going to do Khan, Using, for this I needed the fat mesh - Baranja County, it was not brought beef. Knew that does not work, but perseverance prevailed.

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Stuffing - liver finely chop, pour over boiling water, finely chop the garlic, add salt and pepper.

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Walnuts, dried apricots finely chop and add to the liver.
At this stage, due to the fact that fatty film is thick, Han, Using, with all my desire did not happen. That is, it was not crispy, open, fat, and liver, respectively, were fried.

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Get out of the situation. Rice, brown, boil in water for 5-7 minutes until it is ready lay the washed basmati rice, salt.
The rice I've already cooked one,you can see in this recipe.[url=]Fried Fish Bombay [/url]
A few words about this rice tips cooking Brown and wild rice.
Brown rice before cooking to soak in cold clean water nepromesa for quicker boiling!
before cooking, wash the rice in cold water at least 5-6 times (the more the better, water should be clean after washing), cook preferably in a thick wall pan,clean fillerbunny water.
Water should pour in 1.5 - 2 above the surface of the rice
cooking if possible, on the divider (for even heating of the bottom of the pan)
At the beginning of the boil on high heat, when the rice is almost ready, turn down to low.
At the end of cooking the rice, remove from the pan.

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The liver with nuts, dried apricots.
Or,finely chop the onion,slightly fry, then add finely chopped liver(lightly fried with onions),add soy sauce,raisins,uncooked basmati rice and pour boiling water.

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Add water, soy sauce and add turmeric.

Шаг 7

Close the lid, put on a quiet fire for 20 minutes. To water absorption by the rice.

Шаг 8

The rice garnish, you can add the chicken. The day before, did the salty chicken.

Шаг 9

Fillet cut into strips. Add the ground onion, spices - garlic, ginger (dry), and balsamic vinegar.

Шаг 10

In a wok pour oil (+ sesame added), on medium heat fry the fillet. To set aside in another bowl.

Шаг 11

Cut into strips the pepper and tomato without pulp, green onion.

Шаг 12

First fry the pepper for 2-3 minutes, then tomato and onion.

Шаг 13

After adding the balsamic vinegar. Another 1-2 minutes to fry, combine with chicken.

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