Salad "Slice of watermelon"

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The design idea for this salad came a long time ago, thanks to the same cake from our website. Thanks to Elena for the inspiration! Prepared doch for OTHERS. A "slice" relished. I am sure that You will like it ))).

Ingredients for Salad "Slice of watermelon"

Step by step instruction of cooking Salad "Slice of watermelon"

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Carrots, eggs, grate the cheese. Slice the mushrooms and fry in vegetable oil. The garlic through a press and add to mayonnaise. Grapes cut in half lengthwise.
Put layers, accurately mayonnaise and to form the shape of a semicircle (Semicircular side should be slightly higher).
Finely chopped chicken,

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Sauteed mushrooms,

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Pomegranate seeds and halved grapes.
Allow to soak at least 40 minutes.
Bon appetit and good mood!