Irish Christmas cookies

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"I don't have time to buy eggs!" - outraged mother, next chewing my cakes:) "All she continues. – Do a break, the eggs do not touch!" And sho you, mom, thought me this ban is going to stop?! Hehe. Get-sign: Christmas cookies from Ireland without a single egg! For the contest "new year tastes of the planet."

Ingredients for Irish Christmas cookies

Step by step instruction of cooking Irish Christmas cookies

Шаг 1

I multiplied the specified number of products in half – otherwise our family would not be enough:-)
Turn on the oven.
Butter (thawed a little after the fridge) and flour to grind into small crumbs. Instead of butter you can take the margarine, but good quality!

Шаг 2

The oil the crumb mix with the sugar.

Шаг 3

Form grease with oil. Pour into it all of our butter-sugar-flour crumbs. And making a good hand, so to speak, and press it.
Bake at 180*C. In my oven was baked 50 min. But you can go smaller. You need to follow to weight not burned – and then not cut.

Шаг 4

Next, take out the pan from the oven and hot Plast cut into biscuits. Can be cut into squares-diamonds-p removalanti-parallel ologramma. But you can cut down the drink.
I have found a little piece of forgotten chocolate. I rubbed it chips and a little sprinkle still warm cookies. The chips are perfectly stuck to the liver:-)

Шаг 5

The cookie comes out crispy and fatty. But budget:-)

Шаг 6

Yes. Now the practical side of the question (that is, if you stamp the cookies a glass). You had to stay "trim". I propose a solution. Trimming turn into crumbs. Add grated chocolate. Stir.
Next, you will need a glass, like a bell. Vystelim it with cling film. And begin to slowly pour the crumbs, thoroughly tamping finger. Fill a shot glass for "eyeballs". Put it in the cooling oven. I had about 50*C. We just need to make the chocolate is melted. And then immediately into the refrigerator. In fact, to the chocolate "seized".

Шаг 7

Carefully take out our "bell". Pripisivaem powdered sugar.

Шаг 8

Decorate as desired;-)