Burschka tree

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And here is another recipe for the contest "new year tastes of the planet". Because without Kazakh Kazakhs Toya will not be!

for New Year

Ingredients for Burschka tree

Step by step instruction of cooking Burschka tree

Шаг 1

1. From flour, ayran (the yogurt), sugar, salt and yeast put the yeast mixture. Yogurt can replace milk. But the neighbor-Kazakh (from which I took the advice) said that yogurt is better.

Шаг 2

2. In the risen dough add eggs, melted butter.

Шаг 3

3. Then add the remaining flour and knead the dough. Leave it 2 hours to rise.

Шаг 4

4. The finished dough roll out to a thickness of 0.7-1 cm.
Cut glass mugs. My roommate said, "must be cut baursaks round, to look nice, neat". I did just that.

Шаг 5

4. Fry in a large quantitative of vegetable oil until Golden brown.

Шаг 6

If You ask why paluska so little tea - so it is accepted among the Kazakhs, pour a little tea, so that the guest could stay around longer, drinking palosco for paluski - an indication that the guest is welcome here.