Vegetable pasta Greek style

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The informal name "In many ways-tskom hall in many ways-tskom hall... " Fasting on!

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Ingredients for Vegetable pasta Greek style

Step by step instruction of cooking Vegetable pasta Greek style

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Cook pasta in salted water (1 tsp salt) with the addition of rust. oil.
Onions finely chop, fry on low heat along with the garlic in 1 tbsp oil Rast. Pour juice from cans of olives (optional), it gives a special tart taste of olives.

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Esquivel tomatoes :) Tomatoes cut top and bottom cross. Put in a bowl, pour boiling water, allow to stand, then peel is easily removed.
Cut into small cubes, add to the onions. Simmer further.

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Diminish the fire, can be switched off and matushkas right in the pan neatly MNU tomatoes, etc. it Turns out that it is necessary - and gently and the structure saved in part. Add paprika and spices, simmer a little bit more.

Шаг 4

Olives cut here.
Cheese just cubes.

Шаг 5

Place the pasta, pour it the sauce, spread olivucci and cheese.

Bon appetit! :) All a merry Christmas! :)