Cakes "Vecriga - Old Riga"

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Cottage cheese cake.

Ingredients for Cakes "Vecriga - Old Riga"

Step by step instruction of cooking Cakes "Vecriga - Old Riga"

Шаг 1

A glass of water to pour into the pan, add a pinch of salt and oil to boil, to make a fire the smallest

Шаг 2

Add the flour, then mix thoroughly,

Шаг 3

to the mud from the walls of the pan.

Шаг 4

Then one drive egg, carefully mixing (easy to do with a mixer) to not brewed eggs

Шаг 5

Here is the dough should be

Шаг 6

Is products for cream

Шаг 7

With a syringe to squeeze out on a baking sheet small bun, leaving the spaces between them, bake at 175 degrees until Golden brown (do not open oven, the dough will settle)

Шаг 8

Cheese, mascarpone, cream, vanilla sugar, sugar.

Шаг 9

Mix all of the ingredients

Шаг 10

and with a syringe fill the bun,

Шаг 11

sprinkle with powdered sugar