Appetizer "the Firebird"

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New year, every family is a landmark event...perhaps, no bypasses this holiday party.. hostess, certainly scurrying around in the kitchen and a luxurious Christmas buffet are all new year's eve...I wanted to offer You a lightweight version of the Christmas table, which, despite the fact that was prepared from 8 am to 6 PM (with occasional breaks for walking and playing with the babies) will certainly please you and Your guests with bright new dishes in tiger-style...and a scattering of oranges and tangerines is sure to bring You luck and wealth, as promised, Chinese astrologers.. Snack should be light and easy -- she has to please not only taste, but also solar tiger... spicy cheese balls with a plum and sweet pepper, powdered like snow easy with grated protein, under the sprig of dill... juicy and dazzling tiger... For the contest "Gorenje: Christmas song"

Ingredients for Appetizer "the Firebird"

Step by step instruction of cooking Appetizer "the Firebird"

Шаг 1

cheese grate on a fine grater and mix with mustard and sour cream (you can add salt and pepper, to taste)

Шаг 2

pepper cut into thin long strips,
each carolinense cut in half
egg whites RUB on a small grater

Шаг 3

collect appetizer:
on the bread (crackers) put a cheese ball, a piece of plum and pepper..

Шаг 4

sprinkle with grated egg white, like snow and put on top of the "spruce twig" (a sprig of dill)

Шаг 5

on the plate put the washed and Protosenya paper towels lettuce
we post our snack

Шаг 6

appetizer ready in 7 minutes, but is sure to be a decoration for Your Christmas table

Шаг 7

pleasant to You of appetite! :)

Шаг 8

..When the house is a year young,
And the old goes away,
This happen the dream of any –
So this night!
Subside and everything will freeze around
In anticipation of a new day,
And turn into a snowflake suddenly
Firebird is in your hand!..