Drink an orange "oranges - the vitamins"

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I have the Christmas holidays firmly associated with citrus flavor. Tangerines, oranges... But sometimes it's orange splendor is excessive. Offer a way to attach a couple of stale oranges and treat your home with a delicious drink. Incidentally, in the peel of oranges vitamins, much more than in their pulp. This recipe for Thrifty Housewives: we have oranges there will be no crumbs!

Ingredients for Drink an orange "oranges - the vitamins"

Step by step instruction of cooking Drink an orange "oranges - the vitamins"

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Wash the oranges, peel them. Peel grind: best chopper-blender or meat grinder.
Mix the components in a vessel (I have a glass teapot), add citric acid and about 250 ml of cooled boiled water (important to orange mixture was fully covered with water). Mix thoroughly until dissolved.
Leave this mixture in a dark place at room temperature for a day.

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A day to shift our billet in a saucepan, boil. Some of this stage is passed, for the preservation of vitamins.
Orange billet grind in a blender to a pulp. Add sugar, 2 liters of boiled water, mix and strain through a sieve. Our drink is ready!