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Pasta with turnip tops

Pasta with turnip tops

I never thought before that repkine tops are edible, that's what it means ignorance ))) for several years Now cook this paste. Try it and you !

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Ingredients for Pasta with turnip tops

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Pasta with turnip tops

Step 1

Wash repkina tops.

Step 2

Separate the leaves from the stems that will be cut into small pieces.

Step 3

Cut the stems put to boil with the pasta in boiling salted water.

Step 4

Meanwhile fry the onion in vegetable oil along with the anchovies (or sprats until they are completely "dissolved") and place the leaves, pour a few tablespoons water from the pan with the paste, cover with a lid and cook for 5 minutes.

Step 5

Take the tuna, drain the oil from it, add the leaves and onion to make use of a blender to puree.

Step 6

In a pan put the cooked pasta together with stems.

Step 7

Then butter, mashed tuna and leaves. Mix thoroughly.

Step 8

Put in scalded with boiling water the leaf tops. Decorate with slices of tuna and buds of foliage.