Chicken breast stuffed with "Solodovnikov"

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Here, finally, and our family takes part in the competition "Family dish of the year". Chicken Breasts that we cooked on new year's table, it came out very tender and juicy, despite the fact that the fillet itself is quite dry. I hope You like it.

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Ingredients for Chicken breast stuffed with "Solodovnikov"

Step by step instruction of cooking Chicken breast stuffed with "Solodovnikov"

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First of all we need to prepare is to freeze a loaf of white bread in the freezer. To better frozen, cut in large pieces (they then RUB on a grater will). In the freezer you can put in the evening.

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Proceed to the main - the preparation of the fillet. Detachable small portion of the breast from big, and repel both parts, but so that there are no gaps. 1 kg of fillet You should have 8 large and 8 small pieces.

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Now make the liaison: eggs mixed with 2 tbsp water. And grate the frozen bread on a grater. (Tip: once all the bread not to get, because it melts quickly).

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Take a small piece of breast, wrap in it a portion of the filling. This roll is wrapped in a large piece so that the oil was not visible. Received a meatball, dip them in flour. (We have enjoyed doing baby).

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Then once in the liaison (egg). (Here without it, too, was not).

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Now in grated crumbs (do not regret). Now remove the cutlet for 10 minutes in the freezer. And then again the flour, egg, breadcrumb. (Two layers should be to make sure, sometimes I even do 3. Because it is a kind of shell, which does not allow the stuffing to come out, and the meat turns out very juicy and the crust crispy.

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Our breast with stuffing is ready. Now refrigerate them for about 10-15 minutes and you can fry.

Fry in a pan, in a large amount of vegetable oil until Golden brown.

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And bring to readiness in the oven for 10 minutes at T 180 degrees. After turning off the oven immediately remove the cakes, and the crust will not be crispy.