"Whistlers" lazy dumplings

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This recipe I learned in childhood, then often it was prepared, but over time, forgot, today I wanted something simple, but kind of, so remember these quick, delicious pampushky.

Ingredients for "Whistlers" lazy dumplings

Step by step instruction of cooking "Whistlers" lazy dumplings

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Proportions of ingredients given are approximate: flour, yogurt, salt and knead a soft dough, as dumplings. Roll out crust 0.5 cm thick, cut into squares 3x3 cm. To fry in plenty of vegetable oil until Golden brown. To put on the paper to stack excess fat.

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Prepare the sauce: grind the garlic, added in equal proportions with vegetable oil and hot water (about 4 tbsp), a little salt.

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Ready "whistlers" cover with the sauce and allow to stand for a few minutes. They are usually more elaborate work, almost round, but today with soda miscalculation happened, although the taste is not affected. All you can drink. Bon appetit!