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Rice porridge with apples from grandma

Rice porridge with apples from grandma

The recipe is basic, but really are simply divine. This was a very often in my childhood my grandmother did, but she only made with apples, daddy has raisins added. And you can do to your taste. For a start, even can only be done with apples and enjoy the taste in its purest form, then I think it's not only raisins, but dried apricots, prunes, but it is an acquired taste and for those who love to experiment.

Cooking time 35 minutes Number of servings-

Ingredients for Rice porridge with apples from grandma

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Rice porridge with apples from grandma

Step 1

Wash the rice, put in bowl, fill with water, I Cup of rice took water about a little over 1.5 cups. But! Guys, it all depends on what kind of rice I am already convinced on their own experience. I had the Jasmine rice.
Put a bowl of rice in the steamer, set the timer for 20 minutes.

Step 2

While the rice is cooking, wash the apples and cut into cubes (while we cut, eaten half of the Apple). :-)
And my raisins.

Step 3

When proverochno will say that the time is up, open, look, the rice should be almost ready. If there is still water and it damp, put another 10 minutes. I already had ready.

Step 4

Add in the rice, apples.

Step 5

All mix well and put the thin platelets of butter.

Step 6

And send our children back in the steamer for 15 minutes.

Step 7

Get looking, enjoy the aroma :)

Step 8

Pour into a bowl and upitem both cheeks.