Truffles white chocolate

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Truffles white chocolate, dried cranberries and rolled oats. Do not be afraid of such a combination of unusual ingredients like oatmeal with white chocolate and dried cranberries!... The recipe comes from a French cookbook. The French know how to surprise!... Very tasty and unusual candies.

Ingredients for Truffles white chocolate

Step by step instruction of cooking Truffles white chocolate

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Meanwhile, oatmeal fry in a pan with Teflon coating, 3-4 minutes.
I had the flakes too large and I crushed them slightly in a mortar (but not in blender!).
Pour cereal on a flat plate.

PS: you can do this: 20 grams of oatmeal and 20 grams of coconut flakes fry in a pan for 3-4 minutes.