Dessert "snow tiger"

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new year.. winter.. what's winter without snow???.. white .. fluffy.. millions of sparkling diamonds.. and what Christmas table without a little snow... a miracle... with bright splashes of chocolate and dried apricots.. with a nice elegant shade of coconut and mint syrup.. dessert will be a wonderful final chord of any holiday table and will delight any small.. and a big sweet tooth.. for the contest "Gorenje: Christmas song"

for New Yearfor Christmas

Ingredients for Dessert "snow tiger"

Step by step instruction of cooking Dessert "snow tiger"

Шаг 1

all that will come in handy

Шаг 2

yolks with sugar, put in a heatproof bowl, put on the "water bath" and cook, whisking, until the sugar is dissolved

Шаг 3

remove from heat, add syrup, mix well

Шаг 4

whisk whites to a lush stand of the masses
in a separate bowl, whisk the cream "until persistent peaks"

Шаг 5

in the yolk mass add the cream, all beat with a mixer

Шаг 6

now add the whipped whites, gently stir

Шаг 7

chopped pieces of chocolate and dried apricots added to our snow pack

Шаг 8

rectangular bowl with food film
we spread our ice cream and put into the freezer to harden, I removed the night

Шаг 9

ready dessert cut into pieces, sprinkle with chocolate, decorate with slices of orange and...

Шаг 10

pleasant to You of appetite! :)

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