Cabbage rolls in white sauce

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The taste of the cabbage familiar to us from childhood, I propose my own option.

Ingredients for Cabbage rolls in white sauce

Step by step instruction of cooking Cabbage rolls in white sauce

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Boil the cabbage in boiling water 7 min. to Get, to cool, cut off the stem(do not throw), to separate the leaves.

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Mix the mince, boil the rice until half ready, half of the carrots to grate on cucumbers, the onions, the herbs, salt and pepper.

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In a saucepan, slice the stem from the cabbage, carrots. Cabbage leaves stuffed with stuffing, put in pan tightly to each other. Laid out on top of cabbage put an inverted plate, smaller in diameter than the diameter of the pan. On a plate put a press (a quart jar filled with water). In a pan pour hot, boiled water, slightly flooding the plate.

Шаг 4

Cook for 40 min. Drain the broth.

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Sauce: in a saucepan mix the olive oil with the flour, stirring with a whisk. Saute 1-2 minutes Pour in the broth, quickly stir up and remove from heat. There also pour the mixed egg yolks with juice of lemons, salt, pepper. Pour the sauce into the pot with the cabbage rolls. Do not stir, but shake.