Tea, tea and more tea

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The invention - it is preferably a jam. But, if there is none, come Down a couple of chocolates. Drink and in the heat no better, and in the North in winter: He heat will ease Your soul, will Warm the winter sometimes. Tea is the most favorite drink in our country. We drink both at home and at work, on weekdays and holidays. Cup with fragrant tea has become an integral part of our lives. However, think about it, how much do you know about this amazing drink, and the more of his recipes. Offer you some tea recipes that will allow you to discover new tastes of this familiar beverage.

Ingredients for Tea, tea and more tea

Step by step instruction of cooking Tea, tea and more tea

Шаг 1

water - 300 ml
black tea
lemon peel
orange juice - 200 ml (you can substitute grapefruit)
nutmeg - a pinch

1. Brewing tea in the usual proportions.
2. Pour in hot tea, orange juice.
3. Pour the tea into cups + sugar (to taste) + lemon peel.
4. Before serving + a little nutmeg (ground).

Шаг 2

water - 500 ml
black tea

1. Brewing tea in the usual proportions.
2. The tea is to put sugar (to taste), lemon wedge.
3. Similarly, according to taste, add the cream (or milk).

Шаг 3

prepared black tea - 1 liter
Apple juice - 350 ml
apricot juice - 350 ml
sugar - 150 g
brandy - 150 ml
cloves, cinnamon

1. In a kettle (or saucepan) to fall asleep sugar, pour the juice + tea.
2. Bring to a boil, but do not boil! + cognac.
3. You only serve hot, adding spices (cinnamon, cloves).

Шаг 4

water - 500 ml
honey - 100 g
vodka - 150 ml

1. Brewing tea in the usual proportions.
2. Dissolve the honey in the vodka, stir it well and bring to boil.
3. In Cup to pour honey vodka and topped up with hot tea.

Шаг 5

strong black tea - 250 ml
egg yolk - 1
lemon syrup - 25 ml (or lemon juice with sugar)
vodka - 20 ml

1. Put the egg yolk in a Cup + lemon syrup. Beat well.
2. Continuously stirring the resulting mass, pour in tea and vodka.

Шаг 6

water - 20 ml
milk - 100 ml
butter - a piece

1. Water bring to a boil, put it in the tea (brew) and pour in the milk.
2. Boil the drink within 5 minutes.
3. Pour tea into a Cup, season with a little salt it and put a piece of butter.

Шаг 7

water - 400 ml
milk - 50 ml

1. Brewing tea in the usual proportions and cool it.
2. Pour in the tea with milk and honey. Mix well.
In this tea you can put a little ice and serve with lemon juice as a refreshing drink.
honey - 1 tbsp