Chicken surprise. Zhi Bao Ji

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Hello Komrad. Today I want to introduce You to one of our favorite Chinese dishes. Further more------>

Ingredients for Chicken surprise. Zhi Bao Ji

Step by step instruction of cooking Chicken surprise. Zhi Bao Ji

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Separately, the marinade will take?
-3 tbsp liquid soy sauce.
-1 tbsp rice wine or mirin.
-1 tsp salt.
-a quarter teaspoon black pepper.
-1ch.l. sesame oil.
-1ch.l. ginger powder.

Get acquainted with the products:

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-First marinade for the meat. It obsesive,cut into neat dice.Mix the ingredients, pour the sauce over the meat and allowed to infuse for an hour.

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-Shitake mushrooms, pour hot water and let stand about an hour.
-cut mushrooms

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-We do the same with shitake mushrooms.If you feel that the leg is firm, remove without hesitation.

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-cut onions.I love small, and You see for yourself.

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-cut parsley or cilantro.

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-Mix the meat in the marinade and all the vegetables.

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-Rice paper lubricated with white wine, water or beer with a cooking brush or your hands.
Carefully,spread the stuffing and wrap in the same envelope.If the paper breaks, so little moistened.

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-Get veteran.The old, but shit, the combat...

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-Fry the envelopes in boiling oil stooorage.5 minutes, constantly glancing.Use this grid to mitrofania, or harder simply by using a spatula.

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Lay out the envelopes on a paper towel to oil the glass, decorate the plate with vegetables and serve.

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All the best. be well.
You were hit in the Chinese kitchen Sconces from Odessa...................,