Dumplings with meat "Poltava"

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These dumplings because the dumplings! Fluffy, thick, melt in your mouth! Oh, sorry, that is now in Vogue dumplings raviolone - they are easier to manufacture, But... ! Contribute! This recipe is from my grandmother, and she makes them so, like many, many years ago, when the good mistress in the Poltava region recognize it is for the dumplings! Sort of a culinary story. So...

Ingredients for Dumplings with meat "Poltava"

Step by step instruction of cooking Dumplings with meat "Poltava"

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First, let us filling.
Boiled beef in half with pork - 50:50 (this is the most delicious meat!) mince.
Onions finely chop, priusquam in vegetable oil with a neutral taste until Golden brown.

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Add ground meat and fry, stirring occasionally, until a nice brown. Salt. Set aside let cool.

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Meanwhile, begin to cast over the dough.
Egg, 100 g of kefir, sour milk or whey, beat with a fork until smooth, add a tablespoon of vinegar, a spoonful of corn, or melted butter, continue whisking.
Add 2 tablespoons of flour with a slide, knead...

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Next - turn soda. Here in this place starts cooking magic with rapid stirring changes the sound of our rites, so the process has begun!
Add one full tablespoon of flour, knead it...

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And throw out one of the dough on the prepared surface. Flour suggest to take more.

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Our dough seems a bit watery. And it should be stirred thoroughly. It should not when kneading stick to hands but remains inside the elastic, springy...

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This amount of dough - 16 dumplings.
Our kom just split into 4 pieces, roll into sausages, each cut into 4 even pieces.

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Get these dumplings. By the way, this is a versatile dough recipe - dumplings can already cook! But our task is more difficult, so we continue...

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Each glosecki roll to get a circle. All we can do it! In this recipe do without glasses for cutting out the forms - non-waste production!

Шаг 10

Here such thin slices. The thickness should be uniform over the entire surface.

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The arena goes our already cooled meat filling. We continue to Minister in the priest!

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When making dumplings again without experience can not do. But somewhere it needs to take! Of course, by trial and error! Learn once, never forget, how much of the filling to the dumpling burst and so were the extra dough. Will zasypaem edge - exactly, or a pattern - as you like it! Here is my great-grandmother, they say, could such thin seams to do what the dumplings look almost seamless!

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These are the beauties we have. One of the sixteen.

Шаг 14

Cook! In boiling salted water, throw 4 or 8 pieces at once interfere, so as not stuck to the bottom. Cover with a lid, but the plate does not move away.
Here is the secret. The water must boil 3 times. Cover the pan must be tightly sealed, and each mix boiling our dumplings.
Now they are ready. Remove with a slotted spoon...

Шаг 15

And immediately add the butter and toss, turning our dumplings on the plate - so as not stuck together and stale!

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Ready! I love pancakes with melted butter, and sour cream, and horseradish, and mayonnaise - a matter of taste.

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