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Rolls of chicken with potatoes

Rolls of chicken with potatoes

Not dry rolls of chicken breast. Never thought I make the recipe, as it is not very friendly with the cooking in terms of all the frills. But thanks to Dasha (Meotida) this recipe will see the light. She's with me busy 2 days, so if you like it, you know who to thank.

Cooking time 45 minutes Number of servings2

Ingredients for Rolls of chicken with potatoes

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Rolls of chicken with potatoes

Step 1

These are the products that we need.

Step 2

A piece played on the Board, I have another bag put, make it easier. On it lay 2 slices of bacon...

Step 3

Then wrap the meat rolls and fasten with 2 toothpicks. It is not difficult

Step 4

Our wrap rolls in plastic wrap. I measured out directly into roulette enough to wrap. Here they are wrapped. I only have 2 as it was ready, zamarinovat meat and I added 3 legs.

Step 5

Turn on the steamer, placed on the lower level of our rolls on the lower level, and the potatoes on the second. Set a timer for 30 minutes and go about your business. I was chatting with a friend and prepared the meat for the next time :-) .

Step 6

The steamer signaled us that he wants us to feed :-). Careful not to burn yourself, get our rolls. Look how many broth.

Step 7

Expandable rolls, puts potatoes and I salted it first, because I love salt soy sauce. If You have not tasted, you can add salt at the beginning, when put in the steamer. Believe me it is delicious, my men gave, and they are eating the fussiest of eaters. And I prefer everything fried.