Lepeshechki with sesame and garlic (Kongoli non)

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Bread is a special kind of bread.. They bake in a clay oven - the tandoor. Pellets come in different forms with different additives (with bacon, ground beef, onion, cornmeal with pumpkin, puff... ) in General, their huge number of varieties to suit every taste. I offered to bake small lepeshechki that can be submitted to any first dish, especially good to borecka... the Aroma and taste, I hope, will appreciate the...

Ingredients for Lepeshechki with sesame and garlic (Kongoli non)

Step by step instruction of cooking Lepeshechki with sesame and garlic (Kongoli non)

Шаг 1

The flour mix with the yeast in the warm milk, put salt, pour warm the margarine and gradually add the flour, kneaded pretty cool dough.
To put the approach in a warm place (but I sometimes do is much simpler: I go where I bake delicious cakes instead of tortillas, I buy the dough, but at home I have made of it what your heart desires)

Шаг 2

Approaching divide the dough into pieces 500 grams (all approx),
this piece is divided into 7-8 pieces and make into round cakes, which you can prick with a fork, and who have, checkitem.
For clarity, show this tool. It is needed in order to pellet does not swell and is not deformed, and the middle had a beautiful pattern..

Шаг 3

Lubricate the pellet blend melted margarine and flour (a lot like sour cream),
sprinkle with sesame seeds (can be without it). Put in a hot (250*C) oven.

Шаг 4

In 15-20 minutes the pellets flushed, almost ready,
now the top is lubricated with water garlic (2-3 cloves of garlic through a garlic crusher and add 50-70 grams of water, stir) for a few minutes in the oven - the aroma of garlic is unique, drool flowing like a river.... All.
If you want crisp, just cool, if you need softer, then close towelie..

Шаг 5

Very well such lepeshechki go with borecka, soup, lagman...
These pellets to make it without the garlic, and sprinkle with sugar and is crispy bun...