River fish "at home"

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My husband brought another batch. Used to "sprats" with liquid smoke, with tea, but much enthusiasm they have not caused. This time it was extinguished with lemon. I like to cook bony fish in a pressure cooker for 2 hours bone well stewed, though, and felt, but quite edible.

Ingredients for River fish "at home"

Step by step instruction of cooking River fish "at home"

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This is only part of the catch.

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Fish cleaned, cut off head and his intestines were removed, washed thoroughly and allowed to drain (tails and fins are not cut off).
On the bottom of the pan put 2 whole, well-washed onions in the husk.
2 onions sliced finely, mix the salt and spices, Bay leaf broke at the large part.

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The fish put into the pan, sprinkling with salt, spices, Bay leaf, chopped onion. The top squeezed the juice of half a lemon. Mix to juice and spices spread evenly. Allowed to stand for 15 minutes. Then gently along the wall, poured water, poured the fish with vegetable oil, peel from a lemon cut and put on top. Put on the fire. When the water is boiling, cover the cooker closed and extinguished on the minimum heat for 2 hours. From lemon and seasonings in the apartment were such flavors! Then the fire turned off and left the pan on the stove (I have electric, so the cooking process is still continued) to cool.
The fish turned out with a slight lemon flavor, a little spicy from the seasonings melt in the mouth.
Think it would be possible to cook and ruffs, and other river detail.