Fresh mackerel on the grill

71 - 20 минут 5 порции

Mackerel, grilled or BBQ

Ingredients for Fresh mackerel on the grill

Step by step instruction of cooking Fresh mackerel on the grill

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Then liberally salt with internal and external parties (fish loves salt and take it as long as necessary), pepper, to taste add spices and liberally daubed with mayonnaise.
In this form put into the fridge for at least an hour, and if you have time, let it marinated longer.
Skeptics can advise not to add the mayonnaise, and in this step, richly-marinated fish in lemon juice.

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After marinating make the skin small incisions and insert the slices of lemon. Although it is possible and without any cuts, and just put them inside the fish.
So, there comes an important point - send our mackerel on the grill. There are two possible successful version of cooking fish, choose the one you like best.
Closed a whole mackerel you carefully placed on the grill and as the cooking tongs gently tilt it from one side to the other. In this case, a closed fish as if steamed from the inside and will taste very delicate.

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"Flatten" (!) fish on the grill. In the open form, the fish is more cooked with a beautiful Golden crispy crust.
The choice is yours!

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Bon Appetit!