Cottage cheese and pumpkin casserole

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Gentle, not very high in calories (147 calories per 100 g), a delicious tart bright Sunny colors. For positive emotions and good mood in the winter evening.

Ingredients for Cottage cheese and pumpkin casserole

Step by step instruction of cooking Cottage cheese and pumpkin casserole

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Put the pumpkin into the cheese with a layer of 2-2,5 see

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Bon appetit!

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The bottom layer of dough. The soft oil is triturated with flour, 1 teaspoon without slides soda and 100 grams of sugar (50 grams) crumbs, and pour into the form with baking paper. Pat hands, slightly lifting the bumpers.

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2nd layer - cottage cheese.
In cottage cheese add 6 egg yolks, a Cup of 180 grams sugar (130), vanilla sugar or vanillin, starch, semolina, beat with a mixer a bit.
Spread on the dough (the layer 2.5 - 3 cm).

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3rd layer - pumpkin.
Pumpkin clean (weights are cleaned), cut into chunks place in a steamer until tender (in a pot, add a Cup of water and boil to become soft, drain the water), cool, then with a mixer or a blender to turn into a puree. You can add vanilla and pumpkin or orange zest.
6 egg whites (keep in the refrigerator) beat in a solid foam, add the 50 gr. sugar and beat well.
Proteins gently gradually add the pumpkin puree while stirring from the bottom up.