Triple "Royal" soup and cold cuts

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Best for snacks! If you phoned a friend and said that I would come to sit in the evening with a bottle of hot drink, You can feel free to cook this dish (which does not require a lot of work). Rich, cool, delicious broth, meat, vegetables - a perfect dish for a good meal. It is known that under rich and fatty snack you can drink (the mood, of course) a large number of alcoholic drinks - especially if you do not hurry, and if you have a good company. ))) Under this light vodka is the perfect food Supplement.

Ingredients for Triple "Royal" soup and cold cuts

Step by step instruction of cooking Triple "Royal" soup and cold cuts

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Language pre-cleaned and put in a large kettle, cover with water and bring to boil. To remove the foam.
P. S: How to clean beef tongue:
Fresh, raw language is immersed in boiling water for 3-4 minutes and quickly Scoblete with a knife, removing the skin before it gets cold. If the skin is still left on the tongue, again immersed in boiling water, etc., is not completely clear, and the language will not be white.
By the way, this method is much easier and better to clean (removed a thin layer of skin) than pre-cook it. From boiled language so the skin is not removed, it only remains to cut and everything.

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Broth to salt, put the whole onion, Bay leaf, black pepper, and cook 1 hour on low heat.

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After an hour, add the beef,

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And keep cooking

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After another hour and a half - chicken legs.

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After put the legs, to give the broth to boil and put the carrots, cut into 2 pieces, cut into large parts of the leeks and parsley (tied with a thread, then it was easier to get up and throw)

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Give the vegetables to cook for 25 minutes turn off the gas.

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Cut the meat into small slices and place on a plate.
To put the leg completely, add the vegetables.
The broth is served as a first dish, sprinkle with herbs and black pepper.