Bacon salt in its own juice

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Husband loves bacon, so I found a very simple and fast method of salting bacon. Believe me, very tasty! The recipe, tested for years!!!

Ingredients for Bacon salt in its own juice

Step by step instruction of cooking Bacon salt in its own juice

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A sample set of products in three-liter jar.
Take fresh bacon (it is very important that it was fresh, never frozen), 1/2 garlic head, salt 6 tablespoons pepper 2 tbsp. spoon (no slides if a slide is possible and one), Bay leaf 3 EA.

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The fat is cut into portions, such to fit through the neck of the banks.
Bay leaf grind by hand, the garlic through chesnokodavku, mix all the ingredients with salt and pepper.
This mixture to RUB the fat and tightly lay it in a jar. Spinning under the iron cover, to turn upside down and forget for two weeks.

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In two weeks, remember that somewhere is fat, open and begin to eat. I advise you to take as you need and freeze the rest and be stored in brine (by the way, who gave the fat, already frozen fat juice does not).